Farrier Protect Insurance Program

farrier protect insurance program

When a local Farrier called us looking for coverage to insure his business operations and his work truck we found that the Ontario Farriers Association and its members were not being serviced properly or being offered competitive coverages.  In fact, we found that all Farriers across Ontario were being under serviced and were lacking coverages.  The gaps in the Farriers insurance policies were too big to ignore! We developed a set of coverages that were well beyond what Farriers are currently offered and launched a group program for all Ontario Farrier’s Association members.  All Farriers who are not a part of the Ontario Farriers Association can apply for coverage but at a higher premium.


Today your business is your most valuable asset. The income that your business generates allows you to protect and take care of your family without worry.  Some business owners take a BIG chance by leaving everything on the line by not protecting their business with the proper insurance!

Farrier Protection Insurance ProgramAs a Farrier, your business and your income is at risk every time you go to a client’s location because you can be sued for damages because of your business activities. This is why you need a Farrier Protect Insurance Policy.

Your farrier insurance policy needs to protect you against any property damage and bodily injury you cause to someone else.  For example you could be sued if you were to burn down a client’s barn or if you carelessly left a tool on the ground causing someone to trip and fall.

All Farriers have a duty to perform professional services. Unfortunately, mistakes can and do happen when working on horses, so farriers require special farrier insurance coverage to protect them in the event that a horse is injured and against any medical expenses related to the injury.

Your tools and stock are essential in the day-to-day operations and activities of your business.  The risk of having these items out on the road every day increases your chances of them being stolen or being damaged in an automobile accident.  Insuring your tools and stock protects your valuable assets so you can work without interruption.

These are just three reasons why you need a proper farrier insurance policy to protect your business. Absolute Insurance Brokers developed a package of coverages that will protect you properly in the event of an insured claim.

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