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We are insurance experts and speakers helping you through the ups and downs of purchasing the right insurance coverage for your specific situation. Absolute Insurance Brokers provides you with the advice you need to make an educated decision when purchasing insurance for your cars, houses, business, work vehicles, farm operations and life insurance.  At Absolute Insurance Brokers, we do not just sell you insurance, we help you buy it.

From Nothing to a Set of Core Values

Lyndon Lichty and Ryan Tupper started Absolute Insurance Brokers in 2007 with two pens, 1 computer, a stack of paper, and a shared desk. The desk got crowded in a hurry,  so they moved to the location they are at now.  Since the early days of Absolute Insurance Brokers, Lyndon and Ryan knew that not only did they share a set of individual values for their life, they also shared a set of core values for doing business. These core values have come to stand as a way of doing things with pride, integrity, teamwork, and intelligence.

Our Team and a Culture of Learning

Our insurance brokers speak to and help many different people in a day: tradesman, managers, administrators, salesmen, retirees, students… the list is endless. We are inspired by people in different industries. We are committed to discovering each person’s specific insurance needs and then applying our knowledge and advice to help make their insurance decision simple. All of our insurance brokers are encouraged to grow in their current roles and learn about what is new in the insurance industry. We each have opportunities to attend industry events, share work ideas with each other, and take time to learn new skills and gain knowledge that will help you with buying insurance. If this interests you, please apply.

Our Responsibilities to you as a Insurance Broker

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Dante Monti from Bolton, Ontario says:

“I can’t thank you enough for your excellent customer service.  Absolute Insurance Brokers was awesome in helping me with my situation.  I cannot remember there ever being a time when my past insurance broker looked after my matters in such a professional and fast result.”

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