Metal Manufacturing Insurance

metal manufacturing insurance

Are you an Ontario based metal manufacturing company? Metal stamping, auto parts, tool and die, and metal mould manufacturing are all businesses we like to help.

Some insurance companies in Ontario have created a metal manufacturing insurance policy that combines a package of coverages that will help your business in the event of a claim. These packages typically include coverages for general liability, commercial property, business interruption and crime insurance. We have access to these metal manufacturing insurance programs and can extend these benefits to you.

If you have been with the same insurance company for a while, now is the time to see what other pricing and coverage is available. Contact us today and find out how much you can save!

These policies provide better coverages and prices than other insurance companies and they often introduce unique coverages that other packages do not offer. Here are a few examples of unique coverages Absolute Insurance Brokers can attain for your business that your policy may not have:

  • Coverage for a delay in delivery or non delivery protection – this provides your business coverage for monetary loss if you are not able to deliver stock because of an insured loss
  • Contingent business income – protects your loss of business income due to interruption or stoppage of key suppliers or customers business because of a loss that would otherwise have been insured by your policy.
  • Research and development – covers you against a loss of income (from a loss covered by your policy) due to interpretation of research, development, and admin activities.

How can you save on your insurance premiums? There are several ways you can control the amount of insurance you pay.

  • You can call us and talk to a licensed insurance broker who will shop the market on your behalf saving you valuable time and money.
  • You can introduce loss prevention methods in your business that will reduce the risk or severity of a claim.
  • Keep the work environment clean, maintained and free from slippage and tripping hazards.
  • Keep combustible materials and packaging at a minimum.
  • Ensure that proper training of employees has been conducted.
  • Have a contingency plan in the event of a catastrophe such as flood, fire or major theft.
  • Post and enforce a no smoking policy surrounding the premises
  • Install a surge protection device that protects computers and machinery.
  • Have an established fire plan.

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