Dairy Farm Protect Insurance Program

Dairy Farm Protect Insurance Program

Absolute Insurance Brokers has developed a specific insurance program for the Dairy Farmers of Ontario; the Dairy Protect Insurance Program. This program was designed by co-owner of Absolute Insurance, Lyndon Lichty from his expertise of growing up on a 41 tie-stall dairy farm in Wellington County. The success of the program is linked to Absolute’s understanding of all facets of the dairy business. Many insurance companies understand dairy farm insurance only in terms of the value of the building, equipment, and cattle. The Dairy Protect Insurance Program is so much more.

Are you a dairy farmer? Would you like to protect your business and investments? If so, contact Lyndon Lichty at Absolute Insurance and learn more about out Dairy Farm Protect Insurance Progarm. Contact us today.

Dairy Farm Protection Insurance ProgramAt Absolute, we understand your dairy farm operation. We have licensed brokers who grew up on dairy and beef farms. We consider your average BCA, your somatic cell count, and your industry DHI management score if you have one. We look at things like cow comfort, lighting, nutrition and general housekeeping. We know a good bale of hay from a bad one. We understand your business. We know why hoof-trimming is important, what mastitis is, the challenges of dealing with the weather to harvesting crops, Absolute Insurance understands the dairy business. In essence, we are a logical choice for creating the ideal policy for your dairy farm insurance.

Dairy Farm Protection Insurance ProgramThe Dairy Protect Insurance Program is built around these factors that the dairy farmers are conscious of everyday as they strive to create the best and most profitable business possible. The benefit of working with Absolute Insurance Brokers is partnering with someone who is on your side, who understands the value of insurance and who rewards you for a well managed operation. In partnering with Absolute Insurance you are aligning yourself with value and a commitment to managing your insurance costs for the long term. We understand that your insurance cost is an expense off of your bottom line every year. Absolute Insurance is here to make sure you are getting the best value and proper coverage for your dairy farm insurance.

Lyndon Lichty attends dairy industry events across Ontario in order to stay current and relevant in today’s fast-paced environment. He attends the Canadian Dairy XPO each year so be sure to look for him in the Absolute Insurance booth.

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