Building Owner Insurance

building owner insurance

Are you an owner of a building that is located in Ontario and already has or wants to purchase building insurance?  We can help quote you a competitive building owner’s insurance package for your existing buildings and new buildings.  Some of the coverages your policy should contain are; replacement cost building coverage, business income, contents, equipment breakdown, loss of income, liability and employee coverage.

Building owners insurance can be classified into two categories; residential and commercial buildings.  Apartment buildings, low rise buildings, industrial plazas, commercial plazas, office buildings and retail plazas fall into these two categories.  Accurate Coverages on a building owner’s insurance  policy is critical to ensure that in the event of an insured claim your business can continue to operate without any interruption.  Other unique coverages your policy should provide are:

  • Underground utilities extension – this extends your building coverage to cover sewers, drains or water mains underground within the property lines
  • Expanded definition of building – expands the building to include appliances, office contents, computers, and other property used to run the business
  • Mortgage rate guarantee – covers you for any increase in mortgage interest costs as a result of a total loss to the building when you are required to close the existing mortgage and arrange a new mortgage at a higher interest rate

The value of using a licensed insurance broker from Absolute Insurance Brokers is we have the expertise to find the coverages your business requires to satisfy your peace of mind. Several of our brokers own residential and commercial buildings in Ontario. Building owner insurance is a passion for us.   Our passion is to find you value as we shop the market on your behalf saving you valuable time and money on your insurance dollars.

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