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home insurance

Your home is your largest financial asset to your family.  You work hard for your home. It is precious to your family.  This is where your family puts down their roots. Your home is your families safe haven and sanctuary.  Let us help you keep it that way.  Home insurance provides a peace of mind so you don’t have to think about it or worry about it every day.

By using a licensed home insurance broker at Absolute Insurance Brokers you can know that your home will be properly covered in the event of an insured claim.  A broker can help you determine an accurate rebuild cost for your dwelling, coverage for private detached structures, additional living expenses, liability coverage and ensure you have enough coverage for your contents.

Premiums for home insurance are calculated by using many different factors.  For example, the rebuild cost of the dwelling, the age of the house, square footage, age of mechanicals, how the home is heated, if there is a business in the home and other optional coverages added onto the policy such as identity theft or bylaw coverages.

Consumers can control some of the discounts that are available to them to help lower their premium.  For example, a mortgage free discount is available, non-smokers discount, age discount, age of house discount, multi line discount, credit score discount and water prevention discount by using back water valves or sump pumps and monitored alarm discount.

Valuable optional coverages offered by home insurance policies can help protect families and their home in event of a claim.  Here are a couple of optional coverages that will help your family in the event of a claim:

Identity theft coverage provides you coverage in the event your identity gets stolen.  With the rise in data breaches and IT criminal activity, your identity is at risk.  This coverage will reimburse you for eligible restoration expenses as a result of the identity theft.  This could include notary expenses, long distance calls or reimbursement for loss of income for time off work and postal expenses.

Bylaw coverage in your home insurance policy provides coverage to homeowners who incur extra expenses related to bylaws in the event of a claim. For example, imagine that a tornado destroys your rural property dwelling. The current septic tank bylaw states that your rebuilt house cannot be connected to your old septic system. Bylaw coverage on your insurance policy ensures that the expenses of installing a new septic tank, are covered.

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