When do I need Event Insurance?

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Throwing a party? Renting a place for a buck and doe or a birthday? Planning a Wedding? Well, you’re going to need event insurance.

What’s event insurance?

Event insurance protects you from lawsuits caused by damage to either the location you are renting or by one of your guests. Any location you wish to rent is likely going to ask that you get yourself some event insurance for a certain amount of liability.


What would I need event insurance for?

Are you planning a work party, a buck and doe, a family reunion, your wedding or even grandma’s 90th birthday? All of these are types of events that you will require insurance for. If a certain someone, you know who you are, gets a little too happy and throws a chair through a window… event insurance will cover you for the damages or protect you from any lawsuits that may arise from any mishaps.

Do I really need this? If so, Why?

You are going to be very busy planning all of the details for your party, finding a location, making sure there is enough food and drink, the guest list, and going over your selection of music to make sure grandma will approve – you are not thinking about being sued over the damages to hall.

Unexpected things can happen and you don’t want to worry about it. You and your guests want to have a good time. Even if you are not renting a location, event insurance is a good idea because it covers you if someone hurts themselves or someone else.

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Look, I just want to have some cake; I don’t have time for all of this insurance stuff.

Who doesn’t love cake? I’m sure some people don’t, but they’re crazy. Setting up an event insurance policy is quick and easy – it won’t hurt at all. There are only a few questions to ask: The time, date and location of the event; how many guests, will there be alcohol, and how much liability is required.

Give Absolute Insurance Brokers a call or email us and we will have your event insurance taken care of before you can finish that piece of cake… and if you want to save us a piece, that’s great too!

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