Red light Cameras

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Red light cameras are a relatively new way that municipalities in Ontario are using to help prevent “ red light running” Running a red light happens when a driver enters an intersection after the light has already turned red. There is a sensor before the stop line on the road. If a vehicle passes the sensor while the light is red then a photograph is taken of the vehicle. The photograph records such things as:

If you are caught running a red light you will be subject to a hefty fine. Running a red light is extremely dangerous as it can cause collisions with other vehicles or pedestrians. These red light cameras are well marked and hope to serve as a reminder for drivers to slow down. This will help keep our roads safer for everyone.

If a friend or family member borrows the car you own, then you will be stuck with the ticket. Because of this, the ticket probably won’t raise your insurance rates the way other tickets do. This is because the cameras do not identify the driver, only the owner. Still you might want to have a conversation with the driver about slowing down and being safe!

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