10 Fun Things To Do With Your Extra Time

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With the current Covid-19 situation keeping us at home, boredom can become a real obstacle to overcome. We all want to go outside but it is important we stay home to minimize the impact of the virus. Here is a list of ten fun things you can do with your extra time!


  1. Home cooking – Since we aren’t going to restaurants and you can’t rely on takeout every night why not try out some new recipes. You might have some cookbooks that you haven’t opened in a while so why not check out some new recipes. Not much of a cook? Now is a perfect time to learn, there are endless how-to videos on YouTube to help you learn new techniques. Plus it is free!
  2. Make some music – Self isolation is a great time to pick up a musical instrument or practice singing. No need to be self conscious if you are self isolated. No instruments and don’t like to sing? Why not curate some new playlists on your music app of choice to share with your friends!
  3. Learn a new language – There are many apps that can help you learn a new language. Just search the Play or App store for one that you like. This can be a great way to keep your mind engaged and learn something useful.
  4. New Skills – Ever wanted to learn to code? Editing videos or pictures? Maybe even sewing? With the resources available on the internet now is a great time to learn a new skill.
  5. Watch shows/movies– Although many people would call this a no-brainer it is a great time to catch up on movies or shows you may have missed. Streaming services make it really easy but you could even dust off some old DVD’s or Blu-Rays.
  6. Play games – Self isolating can be hard. Video games and computer games can be a great way to connect with your friends online. Not your thing? Try a board game or cards. Maybe a crossword or Sudoku in the paper.
  7. Exercise – Some people might be going crazy because they can’t do their favorite physical activity. Now is a great time to try something new like yoga or body weight training. There are many videos on the internet to help give you some ideas to follow.
  8. Read a book – We all want to read more but sometimes it is hard to find the time. Well now is a great time to stay at home and curl up with a good book. Don’t like reading? Try an audiobook or podcast!
  9. Organize your photos – We all have so many photos on our phone but we don’t always spend time organizing them. You could make a digital photo album or even print them out.
  10. Organize and DIY – You have lots of time to clean and organize your house. You can try some do-it-yourself crafts or home projects.


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