How Upgrading or Modifying Your Vehicle May Affect Your Insurance

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If your vehicle has been modified for performance, aesthetic, or accessibility purposes these changes may impact your insurance premiums and coverage.

A modification can be defined as an improvement which affects the value or the cost to repair your vehicle. They could include anything from decals, a vehicle wrap or custom paint job, engine or performance upgrades, a lifted pickup truck, to a wheelchair lift.  If your vehicle includes these or any other types of modification you may need to check your coverage.

These modifications might affect your insurance by increasing the value or cost to repair, making the vehicle more attractive to thieves, or even resulting in more frequent or severe accidents.

Many basic upgrades such as bike or ski racks, tow bars, alarm and stereo systems, may be approved by your insurance company but result in higher premiums.  Other upgrades such as enhanced suspension or even items deemed illegal like very dark window tinting or under-body lighting may result in a loss of coverage.

Modifications to your vehicle are going to be treated differently by every insurance company so it is important to talk to your insurance representative to make sure there are no gaps in coverage.

If you have questions about an existing policy or would like quote on making sure your modified vehicle is insured correctly give Absolute Insurance Brokers a call today at 1-877-941-2266 or email us.

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