Come on Down to Discount Town – Part Two: HOME

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The hard market in insurance continues, and we at Absolute Insurance Brokers will continue to help you get the right coverage’s at the best price. Last month we covered many common discounts available for your Auto insurance. This month we will be looking a common discounts available for your home policies.


Age of Insured: This discount applies based on your age. It varies by the companies that offer it but it might surprise you how young you can be to have this discount kick in.

Alarm: This discount is offered if you have a centrally monitored home alarm system that meets eligibility criteria.

Claims Free: This discount starts small but can grow larger with each claim free year. Staying claims free on your home can help keep your price down.

Multi – Line: This is a similar discount as we mentioned in our auto discounts post. When you have your cars insured with the same insurance company then both policies get a discount!

Age of Home Discount: Some companies will offer a discount if your home is newer. (Don’t forget to tell your broker when you update your roof, heating, plumbing and electrical systems. In certain cases this might bring down your premium as well)

Mortgage Free Discount: If you have paid of your mortgage some companies will reward this with a discount!

Non-Smoker: Good for your health and good for your insurance premiums as many insurance companies offer discounts for those who do not smoke.

Water damage Mitigation: If you have a sump pump let your broker know. And be sure to find out if it has an alarm and battery backup! Some insurance companies offer discounts for this.

Multi –Location: Some companies will offer a discount if you have other properties insured such as a cottage.


These are examples of many common discounts available for home insurance. Not every company offers every discount above but we are always happy to help you get all the discounts you qualify for.  Renewal time is a great time to give us a call at Absolute Insurance, but if you ever have any questions we can be reached at 877-941-2266 or email us!

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