Liability Coverage

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It might be a good idea to consider increasing your liability coverage on your home and auto policies. The personal liability portion of your insurance policy covers civil liabilities to other parties resulting in things such as bodily injury and property damage. This can be a result of an action or inaction on the part of the insured. With medical costs rising the settlements of lawsuits are also increasing.

Your insurance policy covers you up to a certain limit in the event where you are held liable in civil court. If the settlement is greater than the limits of your insurance policy then you can be responsible for the restitution over and above your policy limits.

You can increase the liability coverage on your home and auto policies or you can get a personal liability umbrella to help ensure you have adequate coverage.

If you’re interested in increasing your personal liability coverage on your existing policies, or are interested in obtaining an umbrella policy, or simply have any questions about liability insurance then give us a call or email us  at Absolute Insurance Brokers! We are happy to answer all your questions and make recommendations to help you get the best coverage for you and your family.

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