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This year I went to one of my best friend’s wedding. Her dairy farm set a natural and outstanding background. Her and her husband had rented a tent for the reception and everything was perfect until the storm clouds started to gather. With the hurricane force winds no whipping the tent and water rushing across the dance floor and the tent slowly falling down, the bride made the announcement that she didn’t get the insurance for the tent.

On you wedding day, insurance can seem at first glance a waste of money, money that you would rather spend on flowers and food but like my friend, a couple hundred dollars can save you a lot of worry and frustration.

This brings about the question, what kind of insurance do I need? Does my current property policy cover my back yard wedding? What kind of permits and license do I need?

Liability coverage and your home Policy

Third-party liability coverage, included with most home insurance policies, covers you in the event that you’re sued or held responsible for an injury or damage to someone else’s property. This would apply during your wedding, too. For example, if one of your wedding guests gets injured on your property, you could be covered for costs associated with the incident (like medical bills and legal fees, for example).

Alcohol liability Insurance

If you’re planning on selling some signature cocktails at your reception, you’ll need to purchase party alcohol liability insurance. This coverage protects you in the event that you’re held responsible for an incident where alcohol was a contributing factor


Every municipality and province has different rules and requirements when it comes to individual residents hosting special events. Chances are, you’ll need at least one permit, especially if you’re planning on Having a live band or DJ play outside, Bringing in portable bathroom facilities, serving or selling alcohol, setting up a tent, having your guest’s park on the street overnight. Some permits can take upwards of a month to secure, so look into permit requirements as early as possible in your wedding planning process to make sure you don’t wind up stuck without one.

Don’t forget the liquor license

If you’re planning on selling or serving alcohol, be sure to check with your provincial liquor control board to find out what kind of license or permit you need well in advance. You might already have a headache the morning after your wedding…but going without a liquor license when one is required can lead to a different kind of headache a painkiller might not fix.


Some vendors such as the Dj’s and tent rental will offer insurance to cover and damage that might occur such as water damage or the tent blowing over. While everyone hopes for sunshine on their big day. These might be worth considering. Rain does happen.


At the end of the day my friends tent didn’t blow over and we continued to dance the night away, unfortunately when it comes to weddings anything can happen at least with the right insurance you can have peace of mind that you are properly covered for your big day!  For that peace of mind call us at 519 941 2266 or email us!

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