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Whether it is your first season on the water or you are a boating veteran it is always a good idea to review some boat safety rules before departure. Here are a few tips to keep you, your family, and your friends safe this boating season.

Follow a Pre-Departure Checklist

Boating safely includes being prepared for anything out on the water. For everything from following all legal requirements to safely filling up your tanks having a checklist can be a huge help to make sure you are not forgetting that one important item.

Check the Weather

With all of the technology at our fingertips there are many ways to check the weather; from satellite feeds to local radio. While it may not always be 100% accurate you should be able to get an idea of the weather to make sure you are prepared for whatever comes. If you are on the water and the clouds darken, winds pick up, or the temperature drops suddenly play it safe and get to shore.

Be Sure to Get Your Pleasure Craft Operators Card

The PCOC card is like the drivers licence for your boat, once you get it, does not need to renew. The card is mandatory for anyone operating a pleasure craft regardless of the type or size of engine. There are many options for getting the card. There are many companies online who offer the course, just be sure to make sure they are approved by Transport Canada before signing up.

Wear Your Lifejackets

The majority of drowning victims resulting from boating were found not to be wearing a lifejacket. Before leaving shore make sure each person on board is assigned a fitted with a life jacket, don’t become part of the statistics!

Create and Share a Trip Plan

A trip plan is a simple itinerary that includes your route and a basic description of your boat. It can also include a list of passengers, phone numbers, and the type of safety equipment on board. Share your plan with a family member or marina staff member so someone is aware of your plans. It is good practice to do this even if you are only going out for an hour or two.


This are just a few things to keep in mind when boating, other tips include learning how to swim and avoiding alcohol. If you are taking your boat out on the water and want to make sure you are properly insured before you do be sure to give Absolute Insurance Brokers a call at 1-877-941-2266 or email us.

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