Top 10 Must have Items in a Summer emergency kit

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With the climate changing there has been an increase in natural disasters. Fires, floods and

hurricanes are on the rise and emergency situations have unfortunately become more common.

In the event you are without power for an extended period of time, or if you are forced to

evacuate your home, it is essential to be prepared. Experts recommend a 72-hour emergency

kit. Below are ten items you should include to keep you and your family safe.

1) Water. Water is essential for survival. Not only do we use water to hydrate, we use it for

cooking, bathing, and for brushing our teeth. It is recommended to have 3 liters of water

per person per day.

2) A three day supply of non-perishable food. Look for canned foods or other items that will

not spoil. Be sure to rotate your emergency rations to keep them up to date.

3) Can opener. Canned food is not useful if you cannot open it.

4) First Aid kit. Injuries can happen in emergency situations and a first aid kit is invaluable.

5) Hand crank radio. A radio is essential for receiving emergency information. A manually

powered one will work without power.

6) Flashlight. A flashlight is very important to help you move around and see safely in the


7) Blankets or extra clothing. Even in the summer nighttime can get quite cold.

8) Prescription medication. If you require medication be sure to ask your doctor for an

emergency supply.

9) Cell Phone power bank. If you are without electricity it is good to have a power source to

charge your communication device.

10) Cash. If there is no power then debit and credit payments are not an option. Keep a

supply of cash in case of emergencies.

Preparation is key to staying safe in an emergency. Likewise, talk to your insurance broker to

ensure you have proper coverage for your home and property in an emergency. Absolute

Insurance Brokers is happy to help you go over your coverages in order ensure you have the


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