Water Damage

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Water damage is the leading cause of home insurance claims in Canada — and there are many ways unwanted water can end up in your home. One common cause of water damage is sewer backup, which happens when water and other liquids begins to flow backwards into your home. Before you know you can be standing ankle deep in sewage. Not only does exposure to sewage pose a health hazard, but the clean-up process is extensive and costly.

What causes a sewer back-up?

A sewer backup occurs when something blocks the normal flow of wastewater from your house to the city’s sanitary sewer, and the sewage starts to back up into your home. There are several factors that can contribute to a sewer backup, including:


Does home insurance cover sewer backups?


Basic home insurance policies don’t usually cover sewer backups, but most insurance companies offer sewer backup coverage as an optional add-on at a relatively low cost. If you don’t already have this coverage, ask your broker to find out if you qualify — you wouldn’t want to be left to clean up the mess on your own in the event of a sewer backup. Call Absolute today at 519 941-2266  or email us to add Sewer back up coverage to your policy today!

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