Rental Car Insurance

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A very common question we get at Absolute Insurance Brokers is should people buy damage waiver coverage when renting a car. This is a personal choice and may be useful for certain drivers in certain situations. Costs for this type of coverage typically range from $13-$30 per day. If you rent a car frequently this cost can add up very quickly. This coverage also has exclusions so be sure to read the fine print!


A much more cost effective approach is something called OPCF-27. OPCF 27 also known as “ Legal Liability for Damage to Non Owned Autos”, is an endorsement which can be added to your auto policy. This option will extend the coverage of your personal auto policy to the rented vehicle. This coverage is typically $30 -$60 per year so if you are a frequent renter this is a much more cost effective solution. There are a few

limits of this coverage such as a maximum vehicle weight (if you are renting a large moving truck then this coverage will not respond) or a limit on maximum vehicle value but for many cases this might be the best option. As always the best practice is to consult with your insurance broker to see if OPCF 27 is right for you!


If you would like to discuss OPCF 27 and see if it is the right coverage for you please give Absolute Insurance Brokers a call at 877-941-2266 or email us. And as always, if you would like a quote we are always happy to get you the best price and provide the best level of customer service. We look forward to hearing from you!


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