Buying a Sled! Going snowmobiling this winter? Make sure you are covered!

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While southern Ontario is still waiting for snow and cold temperatures to open snowmobiling season trails in Quebec and Northern Ontario are open and waiting for you to hit the freshly groomed trails! Snowmobiling can be an expensive sport, especially when you have to pay for equipment, trailers, passes the sled and then insurance.

The leaves the question, How much does snowmobile insurance cost. There are many many factors that decides how much snowmobile insurance costs. Basic sled policies can cost from 100 to over 1000.00 per sled. It is important that you call and insurance broker to find the best coverage for your sled and for your budget.

There are several factors that decide how much you will have to pay for insurance.

Your age and experience: For example, your rate will be vastly different if you are an 18 year-old male snowmobile rider than if you are a 50 year-old female rider.

•Your history of past claims: Your history can come back to haunt you when it comes to insurance. If you have had one or more snowmobile or auto accidents, you have shown the insurer that you are risky.

•Your snowmobile: What is the make and model, and how much did you pay? If it is brand new and was expensive to purchase, your snowmobile insurance costs may be higher than if you bought a used model. How powerful is your sled. The more horsepower the more money you can expect to pay.

•The types and amounts of insurance you want: Just like an auto policy, you can choose to buy the minimum required coverage,. You can also choose comprehensive to cover yourself against theft, fire and collision

•The deductibles you choose: Increasing your deductibles will lower your premium costs. Just make sure that you can pay that deductible out of pocket when it comes time to make a claim.

Hopefully this will explain why you are paying what you are paying for snowmobile insurance. If you have any questions amount your policy or need a sled quote before the snow flies don’t hesitate to call Absolute insurance brokers at 1 877-941-2266.


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