Goat Yoga, Amusement Rides, and other hard to place Insurance

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Do you have a business that is “off the beaten path” and maybe you are having a difficult time finding insurance for it? Well, you are not alone and Absolute Insurance Brokers can help you!

Everyone has heard of yoga, right? Now, did you know that goat yoga was a thing? Now you do.

A yoga business is easy to insure (we can help you with that too!), but goat yoga has a twist and a higher potential for injuries – not because you’ve sprained something while doing the mantis pose, but because a goat has perhaps taken a bite out of your ear.

This unusual addition can turn away many insurance companies simply because it is not normal and it doesn’t fit their standard market. This is where hard to place insurance comes into play and you definitely need help from a licenced insurance broker. At the end of the day, the policy is typically insured by several companies rather than just one – this is why it can take quite some time to find insurance.
Another prime example would be an amusement ride at a town festival – you will definitely need to find a special insurance company to cover you.

The more potential for things to go wrong, the less likely a normal company will want to provide you with insurance. Rest assured, almost anything can be insured and it simply takes time in order to find the right coverage for the right price.

So if you want to start a Goat yoga business and you live in Ontario and are licensed or are hiring a licensed yoga instructor than don’t worry, we can find the right coverage!

As hard to place insurance can take a significant amount of time to quote, I would strongly suggest calling us at 1-877-941-2266 as far in advance as possible in order to have a sufficient amount of time to find quotes for you. I would also definitely recommend that you find out in advance if your business idea can be insured before you get things started. The last thing you want is to find out that your idea is just too “out there” to be insured and a crowd of angry customers is at your doorstep…
…or goats.

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