Carbon Monoxide Detectors – It is the law!!

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I assume that by now everyone knows that carbon monoxide detectors are mandatory in every home in Ontario; so just in case you missed that piece of information I am letting you know now!! This is a provincial government law, I am not making this.

Carbon Monoxide was best described to me as an odourless, colourless gas that is produced by gas ranges, heating systems, lanterns, etc. A leak or improper ventilation can cause sudden illness or death. The most effective way to detect unsafe levels of carbon monoxide in your home is to have a working Carbon Monoxide detector.
Here are some tips I came across to keep in mind:

– It is ideal to have detector on every level of your home, ideally near any unit that might emit the gas. However if you only have one, the best place will be just outside the sleeping area.

– Carbon Monoxide detectors should be installed between knee and chest height on the wall and should not be blocked by things like drapes or furniture.

– The average price range I found is about $30 to $65 each.

– It is best to have a battery back-up to ensure that it continues to work in the event of a power outage.

– You can buy detectors and almost any local hardware and building supply store.

– Be sure to do regular inspections and maintenance on devices that can emit gas.

– The approximate fine is about $200 if you are not equipped with a working detector.

So, if you have a detector please make sure to check in regularly that it is working, do continued maintenance, and be sure to make sure all your friends know that is it mandatory!
Stay safe.

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