Milk Contamination

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Milk contamination: If you did not grow up on a dairy farm or work on one you probably have no idea what the term “milk contamination” refers to.  Well, to both the dairy farms producing the milk and to the insurance companies that insure them, “milk contamination” is a very real thing.  You see one of the main goals for dairy farmers is to produce high quality milk with lots of protein, butterfat, and milk solids, to get the best price for their milk.  So the high quality of milk is essential.


Now, just like you and me cows can get sick from time to time with let’s say a cold or a virus. Getting sick is not fun for us so I can only assume it is no fun for cows either. I have seen sick cows and they can look as tired and ragged as I do when I get sick!  Just like humans cows can take medication to feel better and recover quickly.  However, when a cow takes medication it is critical that this cow’s milk does not join the rest of the “high quality” milk as the last thing anyone wants is “medication” in their milk.  Now, insurance exists to cover accidents and accidents do happen.  So if medication goes through the cow and gets into the milk we have a problem, we have something called “milk contamination”.

It is good for us milk drinkers that procedures are in place so we don’t drink milk with medication in it. Considering that accidents do happen to all of us, just not farmers, insurance companies offer insurance for milk contamination.  So everyone wins.  Have peace of mind as you enjoy your milk today!

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