List All Licensed Drivers in Your Home

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List All Licensed Drivers Did You Know… If You Don’t List All Licensed Drivers residing in Your Home on your Auto Policy, There May Be No Coverage if They Drive Your Car?

List All Licensed Drivers

Be Protected! If you do not list a Licensed Drivers on your automobile policy and they have an accident with your car, your policy may be voided or cancelled for non-disclosure and claims may be denied.

But this is not all! Repair costs to your vehicle may be your responsibility. And if you get sued because a 3rd part involved in the accident is injured, you will not have an insurer on your side to protect and defend you. The result could be financially disastrous for you and the driver.

Adding a licensed driver can be done by contacting your insurance broker. The broker will collect the driver’s license number and license dates to see if the driver is eligible for coverage.  The driver’s tickets and accident history will be searched in order to determine eligibility.

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