Drone Insurance Protects You and Your UAV

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Drone Insurance is easy to forget by new drone owners.

Everywhere you look drones are getting a lot of attention.  Drones have captured our attention with exciting videos on YouTube, real estate listings, and the latest news stories.  It is clear that drones are not going away anytime soon.  But drone owners often forget about the need for Drone Insurance.

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It is easy to dismiss drones as nothing more than toys. Because of this, many think Drone insurance is not needed but their commercial applications are wide spread, putting you at risk.  Unmanned air vehicle (UAV) technology and usage has already been adopted by businesses in many industries.

Their commercial usage includes, but is not limited to, the following areas:

As UAV usage increases so does the chance and occurrence of accidents. Just this past holiday season a drone crashed head-on into a moving vehicle near Belleville, Ontario. Fortunately no one was hurt, but as you can imagine if something suddenly crashed into your vehicle while you were driving anything could have happened.

To help regulate their use and increase safety Transport Canada has released safety regulations for the use of UAV’s, even requiring a special certificate in some instances. Transport Canada – Regulations for flying a drone or an unmanned air vehicle (UAV) for work or research.

If you use a UAV in your business then Drone Insurance is a must.

It will protect you, your employees, and your business from the following:

Damage to the Drone: While training an employee to pilot your new $8500 UAV, it is caught in a strong gust of wind and crashes into a tree. The drone will have to be sent away for extensive repair and possibly be replaced.  Drone insurance helps to cover the repair and replacement costs.

Third Party Property Liability: You are taking beautiful aerial photos of a wedding party when control of the drone is lost and it crashes into the sports car the groom had rented for the wedding. Drone insurance helps to cover these property damage costs.

Drone Insurance

Bodily Injury Liability: During recording of an aerial real estate tour for a property, your drone suddenly crashes or falls causing injury or even death to an innocent pedestrian.  Drone insurance helps to cover these bodily injury costs.

Rather than waiting for the worst to happen, contact Absolute Insurance Brokers for a fast and easy Drone Insurance Quote. Call toll free at 1-877-941-2266.  Or click to download a Drone Application.  Please submit to contact@absoluteinsurance.ca.  


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