Referral Contest Winner Announced

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Our 2016 Referral Contest iPad Air Winner has been Announced!

In 2015blog we had 363 referrals registered in our office.  The Lucky winner for 2015 is Brooks Robitaille.  Here is a picture of Brooks and his new iPad Air. Congratulations to Brooks who referred his friend to us in 2015.

How can you win?

When someone calls in for a quote we always ask ‘how did you get our name?’  The person who told them to call us is recorded and:

  1. we send the referrer a thank you card and a $10 gas card at the end of each month
  2. we enter their name into our $150 credit card monthly draw
  3. we enter their name into our annual draw for an Apple iPad Air

We are still considering what we are going to do for Grand Prize in 2016.  Apple iPads are becoming more common place perhaps we should offer Cash instead?  Let us know what you think. 

Here are some winners from our monthly $150 credit card draw.

Monthly Draw Winner Monthly Draw Winner Monthly Draw Winner

Talk to one of our registered insurance brokers to about our referral contest or to get a quick quote.  You can even call us if you just want to say Hi.  Our phone number is 1-877-941-2266.

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