10 Family Activity Ideas For Winter Lockdown

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2020 taught us to expect the unexpected and to adapt and overcome. As the winter months get colder and quarantine keeps us from going out, here are some activities you can do to have fun and make memories with your family. Below are 10 great family activities to keep you and your kids entertained during the winter quarantine.

1. Board Games and Puzzles

Did you know that you can find tons of free to print puzzle sheets online? Print them out and start crafting the image from the box. The large ones may cause a headache, but your family will surely figure it out. Otherwise, break out the Scrabble board, Monopoly, or even opt to play Uno.


2. Outdoor Activity

Now more than ever is a great time to get outside and enjoy some fresh air. Why not bundle up and go explore. There are plenty of community hiking paths, snowshoe trails, toboggan hills, outdoor skating rinks and more to experience.


3. Go Through Old Items

Chances are you purged some of your items during the first lockdown, but the holidays probably brought more items into your home. The winter is a great time to cut back on some clothes that are too small, get rid of toys that are no longer played with, and donate books that have already been read. Donate to local thrift stores or make a post on Facebook marketplace to alert friends and family of all the items that are free for taking.


4. Learn a New Skill

Quarantine is probably one of the best times to get together as a family and teach your kids some great life skills. From cooking and baking to washing laundry and balancing a checkbook, the possibilities are endless, and this is a great activity to do with children of any age.


5. Make Chores Fun

Being under quarantine means having to clean the house a lot more often. So why not make it fun? Play a game where whoever puts away their things the quickest wins “X” amount of points. Add up the points at the end of the week and see who wins. Or, you could give points to whichever child does the most chores without being asked. A chore chart is a great way to keep track of what needs to be done who do did each chore.


6. Cook Together

Turn your kids into sous chefs! Teach your children safe ways to cook and prep food. This is a great activity to do, especially with teenagers and older children. From kid-friendly recipes to a gourmet meal, the recipe options are endless.

7. Dance Party

Bust some moves with your kids and show them who the real dance star is. From trendy Tik Tok dances, to the classic moves from Wiis Just Dance, host a dance party and keep your family in shape. Besides, who doesn’t love shaking their groove to music?

8. Story Time

Build a story and take turns adding onto it. You start off, then your child will continue alongside until the whole family goes. This is a super fun and creative way to let your child’s imagination run wild while you watch how crazy each following chapter can get.

9. Indoor Planting Kit

Start an indoor garden or get the seeds ready for when spring begins. Indoor gardening is an educational and fun winter activity that the entire family can do inside. Worried about the mess from soils? Afraid you don’t have enough space? No worries! There are indoor garden machines use only light and water.

10. Take a Virtual Trip

Google Earth is a magical way to see all the planet without ever leaving your home! Select a faraway destination, go online, and take a trip with your family. The adventure possibilities are endless.

Preventing boredom is one thing but giving your family the ability to find happiness during these dark times is essential. Hunker down and make the most out of the cold and the limited things you can do.

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