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I try and take a vacation every year and in my family we wouldn’t dream about traveling without the advice from travel guru Rick Steve’s. Rick Steve’s intended audience is for the first time traveler in there 50’s and later. This makes my siblings and I, all in our 20’s a little different from the average Rick Steve’s Tourist. Yet, when taking to my clients and friends about their experiences from going over budget to being pick-pocketed at a busy train station, I have come to realize that Rick’s advice has no age limit. I have decided to share what I believe are Ricks best travel advice, tricks and tips that can be applied to any trip from a Full European tour to a little fun in sun.


Pack Light – Limit yourself to carry one only. This can be shocking when you first read about this. How can I fit enough in one small bag for a week or 2 weeks? But there’s a difference between items you’ll need and items you’ll want.

“You’ll never meet a traveler who, after five trips, brags, ‘Every year, I pack heavier,'” Steve’s said. “You can’t travel heavy, happy, and cheap. Pick two. “For many, this is a radical concept,” he said. “But they manage, and they’re glad they did.” This is the best tip and it has changed my travel experience. Often I am lounging poolside before everyone else has picked up there back from the carousal. This also helps with tight connections, all your items are already with you.

Bring a Good Guide Book- It’s always smart to pack a guidebook to give you recommendations for local activities, hotels, food, and nightlife. But you’d better make sure your guidebook is up to date.”I am amazed by the many otherwise smart people who base the trip of a lifetime on a borrowed copy of a three-year-old guidebook,” Steve’s told Business Insider. “The money they save in the bookstore is wasted the first day of their trip, searching for buses that no longer run and restaurants that have long since closed. Guidebooks are $25 tools for $4,000 experiences.”

Avoid the lines- Almost any popular tourist destination is bound to have a never-ending line, which can really eat into your travel time. But, with a little planning, Steve’s said, you can prevent this. “As far as I’m concerned, there are two IQs for travelers: those who queue and those who don’t,” he said. “These days, thanks to crowdsourcing, it seems everyone is packing into the same bucket-list sights, forcing many of these overwhelmed favorite stops to offer or require skip-the-line timed reservations.”

He said this is the key to not wasting time in line and, instead, waltzing right in.

“Take advantage of this fast and easy alternative to standing in needless lines,” he said. “With the right information, you can avoid nearly every line that tourists suffer through — and any good up-to-date guidebook will show you how.”

Put down your Phone– You may hear of people taking a digital detox or putting their phone into airplane mode so they can enjoy the present moment more. Steve said it’s a good idea. “I’ve noticed, in our social-media age, that many travelers are keener on documenting where they are than actually experiencing it,” he said. “Sure, you need a photo. But after you take the photo, stow your phone and actually be in the moment.”


Buy Travel Insurance. We all hope that our trips will go without a hitch, but sickness, missed flights and stolen id’s are unfortunately a part of travel. Make sure that you but trip cancellation as well as health insurance for your trip. If you have any questions or want to make sure that you have purchased the right coverage, don’t hesitate to give Absolute Insurance a call at 519 941-2266. And make sure you get the best out of your vacation.

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