Prevent Pipes Freezing – How To Checklist

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Time to Drain – Prevent Pipe Freezing

As the world begins freezing around us the first thing many of us think of is escaping to a warm sunny
beach. You have packed your bathing suits, renewed your passport, booked your flight and finalized
your itinerary. Ideally you would have someone to house-sit for you. However, this is not always an
option. In the event your furnace failed (or a prolonged power outage), it is a good idea to drain the
water from your pipes. This will prevent the pipes from freezing therefore bursting and causing catastrophic water
damage to your property. It is always best practice to call a plumbing professional but luckily, this is a
relatively simple process to do if you follow a few basic steps. If you find any of the following
confusing, it would be a good idea would be to hire a plumber to show you the ropes.  To prevent pipes freezing, here is a step by step checklist to help out.

Step by Step – Prevent Pipe Freezing

Policy Checklist

1. Shut off the valve at the main water meter. Locate the valve and turn clockwise until it is
closed. Try using a rag if it is difficult to turn.
2. Starting at the bottom floor of your house, open all the faucets and let the water drain
out. Make sure to leave the faucets open. Work your way up to the top.
3. This time starting from the top floor, flush all the toilets in your house working your way
down. You can check the tank to make sure they are empty.
4. If you would like to be extra cautious you can purchase some non-toxic antifreeze made
of propylene glycol. Pour it in your toilet bowls and down your sink drains.

Time to Relax… Worry Free

Now it is time to go enjoy yourself knowing your homes pipes are safe from freezing. Before you go
maybe give your friendly neighborhood insurance broker to ensure your home is properly protected.
Absolute Insurance Brokers are always happy to review your coverage and help you find the best rate
to protect your home. Give us a call at 877-941-2266 or email us. Happy vacationing!

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